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Welcome to the YeSvelte documentation website! YeSvelte is a powerful and flexible Svelte UI component library, designed to help developers build enterprise-grade web applications quickly and easily. With a focus on rapid application development and framework independence, YeSvelte is the perfect complement to any CSS framework.

In this documentation, you will find everything you need to know to get started with YeSvelte, including installation instructions, usage examples, and detailed information about each component in the library. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started with Svelte, you'll find the information you need to start building powerful and elegant web applications with YeSvelte.

Rapid application development:
With YeSvelte, you can easily and quickly build enterprise-grade web applications, without worrying about the specifics of a CSS framework.
CSS Framework independence:
YeSvelte's components are built with basic HTML and CSS, without any framework-specific classes or styles, so you can use them with any CSS framework of your choice.
Powerful and flexible:
YeSvelte's components are powerful and flexible, and you can easily customize them to fit the needs of your project.
Easy to use:
YeSvelte's components are easy to use and intuitive, so you don't have to be an expert in Svelte or CSS frameworks to get started.

The El component is the foundational building block of the YeSvelte component library. It serves as a versatile element that other components are based on, providing a wide range of utility props to customize its appearance. El supports common scenarios and make it easier to customize components without writing css code.

With the El component's numerous features, including grid system support, color customization, border styling, and spacing control, you have the flexibility to craft visually appealing and highly functional components that suit your specific design needs. you can learn more about El features in "Core Features" section of our documentation.

YeSvelte components are independent from CSS Frameworks and works with any css framework including bootstrap, tailwind and pure css styles. you can learn more about Theming in Theming section.

Here is list of All YeSvelte components:

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